Coastal Safety

1Our Mission

  • At Coastal Fiber we believe that our employees are our most valuable assets and their health and safety are our number one priority. The prevention of job related incidents and injuries is our principal goal. We achieve this by cultivating an environment focused on safety awareness, open lines of communication, safety education, and safe work practices. Our comprehensive Health and Safety program includes Management Commitment, Employee Involvement, Hazard Assessment, Training and a substantial investment in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

2Employee Empowerment

  • At Coastal Fiber we believe that every employee is an equal partner in the safety process. An environment of safety does not happen by assigning responsibility to a single employee. In order to achieve a work force of safety-minded individuals, participation from every employee is necessary. That is why everyone, from our senior linemen to our apprentice groundmen, is expected to participate in creating and maintaining a safe work environment at all times. There is no ‘rank’ when it comes to safety. Each employee has unique skills to contribute to our mutual goal of zero work-related incidents.

3Strict Compliance

  • Our Safety Department is committed to ensuring the enforcement of safety compliance on every project at every job site at all times. Safety meetings are held at the commencement of every job. Potential hazards are identified and mitigated before any work begins. Further, our Safety Manager and Compliance officers regularly audit work sites enabling us to proactively implement any necessary steps required to eliminate, reduce or minimize the conditions that lead to accidents and injuries.