Coastal Fiber is a Leader the Telecommunications
Industry Requires

As one of the leading advocates of workplace safety, our employees participate in substantial training. We are also frequently in contact with a variety of safety and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance. Our three-part approach to safety includes the following components and protocols.

1. Comprehensive Safety and Health Program

Over the past decade, our safety practices have resulted in an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) well below industry average. What’s been instrumental to our success is an unwavering commitment to loss control through an effective Safety and Health Program.

The program includes:

  • Management Commitment
  • Employee Involvement
  • Worksite Analysis
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Training
  • Investments in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The Coastal Fiber comprehensive safety program has earned us a score of 100% on the ISNetworld. You can rely on Coastal Fiber to always comply with regulations and go above and beyond with employee, customer, and community safety standards.

2. Effective Communication

At Coastal Fiber, we recognize that clear safety communication eliminates potential misunderstandings. Not only that but effective communication also:

  • Proactively removes roadblocks
  • Boosts project efficiency
  • Fast tracks goals every step of the way

Fast, thorough communication ensures that your project stays on schedule and on budget. We provide our clients with daily work schedules and continually keep them in the loop regarding the project’s progress.

Maintaining an open line of communication also helps to facilitate permit requests and approvals. Finally, we invite and encourage our clients to contact our staff of safety professionals regarding any concerns, questions, or requests.

3. Strict Compliance

Safety compliance is an ongoing concern of ours and something we practice and educate ourselves on every day. The intent and enforcement of compliance are required on every contract, every project, and every person. We provide strict compliance oversight of our employees and subcontractors so you can rest easy knowing your project is in excellent, conscientious hands.

Detailed safety audits are our primary means of proactively identifying and mitigating potential hazards. Performing routine safety audits enables us to promptly take the necessary steps to eliminate, reduce, or minimize conditions that can lead to accidents and injuries.

Let Us Support Your Network

Our commitment to safety and community responsibility runs deep. Our Safety Specialist provides ongoing, impartial evaluations of our personnel, performance, and work conditions. We’re dedicated to providing safe and compliant networks for corporate entities and government organizations.

Contact us today to learn more about how our three-part approach to safety can keep your project on budget and schedule.