Design Solutions
from Coastal Fiber Include

Turn-key Solutions

Our expertise is founded on completing projects that are immediately ready for use by our end users or our customers end users.


Sometimes a very complex process to obtain but carry an immense amount of value once complete. This is reverse engineering an existing network or network component that is put to paper or electronic copy for future use.

CAD Drawings

Computer Aided Design Software helps our customers and end users visualize the network or the location of the network such as a building or street map in a highly technical illustration that can be created in two or three dimensional models.

Utility Make-Ready

This is the work that must be completed before a new build takes place. Attachment heights on telephone poles are agreed upon by relevant parties, surveyed in the field and then documented before the work crews place the cable.

Network Design and Engineering

Our customers require very high-level detail in the areas of design and engineering. We are committed to providing scopes of work and plans that bring their vision to completion.

Discuss Your Project

Project management, materials management, and a range of other services integral to the design process
are all at your disposal when you partner with Coastal Fiber. Reach out to our
helpful representatives today to take your project from idea to completion.