Our Underground Construction Services

Hydro Vacuum Excavation

Also known as hydrovacing or daylighting, this non-destructive, safe excavation method utilizes a purpose-built machine with pressurized water or air to agitate and loosen all types of soils while removing those soils with powerful, high volume vacuum suction. This method exposes any underground plant or equipment in the excavation area without damage or impact.

Vibratory Cable Plow

Plowing uses a plow blade that is pulled through the ground, attached to a tracked towing unit. The blade runs through the ground at a pre-set depth to create a trench in which the cable or pipe is placed immediately after, before the soil has time to fill the trench.

Open Trench

Trenching is a construction method that involves digging a narrow trench in the ground for the installation, maintenance, or inspection of conduits, or cables.


A quick, low-impact deployment method, fiber optic cabling is inserted into a small slot-cut trench without damaging or disrupting existing infrastructure.

Telcom Duct-bank and Vault Installation

Underground construction of duct-bank and manhole systems, built to provide higher level of protection for critical service fiber optic networks.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Is a method of installing underground pipelines, cables and service conduit through trenchless methods. It involves the use of a directional drilling machine, and associated attachments, to accurately drill along the chosen bore path and back ream the required pipe.

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